Ashanti Tribe

Live Act

Diagonal Stage

Emerging from Cape Town's vibrant scene, 25-year-old Nobuhle Ashanti is a creative talent who immediately stands out. Her musical journey began at Beau Soleil Music Centre before finding her calling on the piano keys. A decorated artist with a Mzansi Jazz Award and SAMA nomination, Nobuhle actively uplifts youth music programs like Little Giants, selflessly sharing her gifts. Though her roots can be traced back to legendary South African artists, her style fuses jazz, R&B, and soul with intricate arrangements marked by inventiveness and innovation. Over the years, Nobuhle has lit up stages across Cape Town, leaving her harmonic imprint as a session player. She now leads The Ashanti Tribe, a collective celebration of heritage through healing music. Nobuhle's long-awaited debut LP "Bait for Steps Forward" dropped this March, showcasing Cape Town's finest instrumentalists and vocalists. More than a musician, she is a cultural torchbearer - her creative fire brings South African richness to the global stage. Wherever Nobuhle shines, her artistry transcends.