(Future Nostalgia)

DJ Set

Diagonal Stage

For Atiyyah Khan, listening is an artform. The Future Nostalgia collective co-founder, DJ, and journalist has made it her life’s work to share this practice with others, creating spaces for ‘collectors, selectors, deejays, and diggers’ to come together and bask in the glow of listening to records. Her pursuit of sound has seen her explore listening in all its forms, be it on air, as a sound artist, or through her writing. For Khan, the best part about music is getting to share it with others. Her sets as DJ El Corazon (the heart), digs deep into her wildly eclectic record collection to weave in jazz, african and latin groove; middle-eastern rhythm and percussion, dub, roots reggae, loversrock, gnawa, cumbia, soul, funk and beyond. As the sun dips and fades to twilight at the Search, expect her to guide you into the night with a relaxed selection of dub, latin and african groove.