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Vertical Stage

Pretoria-based artist Buli has long been crafting ethereal soundscapes that draw from ambient music and the LA beat scene, making for cerebral yet visceral tracks - self-contained worlds shimmering with life. Buli's sounds possess an otherworldly resonance, as though they exist in a dimension all their own. Synaptic rhythms entwine with gossamer melodies that seem to radiate from some sort of dreamscape. After years cultivating a style uniquely his own, Buli recently released the album "Inner Resonance" on the acclaimed Alpha Pup label. As he prepares to light up your Search, he promises a catalogue embellished with unreleased gems. Expect to be transported through dimensions that bridge the gap between brains and feet, bathing you in tranquil sound one moment and propulsive bass the next. Let Buli's music open your mind's eye to whatever universes glow within.