Chocolate Sinclair

DJ Set

Vertical Stage

Chocolate Sinclair (aka Matt Hichens) is a deeply passionate music and culture lover responsible for many of your nights out. Over the past 13 years, he’s been shining a spotlight on Cape Town's underground music scene through forward-thinking experiences. As "Young Supreme," he first spun at EVOL in 2010 before launching his own underground hip hop night. His strong links to The Other (Records, Radio, SWIM) led to the creation of The Other DJs alongside Phijos and Aaron.P, a trio of variety specialists who could be found spinning fresh sounds from festival stages to the seediest bars, while his The Other Radio show beams out obscure musical wonders to the farthest reaches. Alongside Luc Veermeer, Sinclair created the crate-digging celebration Button Bashers at The Waiting Room. Having always sought rising talents, he facilitated over 80 acts per month as music programmer at Yours Truly from 2012-2020. Now co-owner of One Park - an eatery, record shop and listening bar and has become a regular go-to for food and music lovers - you’ll find Sinclair sipping a cocktail while playing everything from anime soundtracks to the fuzziest funk and soul.