Data Takashi

DJ Set

Diagonal Stage

In the labyrinth of South Africa’s underground music scene, Data Takashi stands as the emissary of disco’s diverse legacy. Mapping out Johannesburg from the neon soaked nights of electroclash in Newtown to the dance punk rebellions of Melville, Data Takashi has been there, done that - curating the perfect soundtracks to match the pulse of every era they’ve beamed through. A seasoned storyteller, Takashi digs through musical archives from the 70s to the cutting-edge present. Call them DJ Danger Ingozi, Plaat Japie, or Broaden A New Sound's boogie boss - under every alias, they bring that megawatt energy that sets the dance floor on fire. The Disco De Moda Head Of Disco Infiltration will be bringing their leftfield love and most cosmic selections to Search.