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Esa Williams is back! You might remember him from the last best moment of your life before the world turned upside-down, back at Search Festival 2019 when the clock struck midnight! The South African native, based in London for quite a while, draws profound inspiration from his cultural roots, using this archive to imagine an innovative musical future. His music, performances, and collaborative endeavours serve as channels to convey the stories and experiences he has collected on his extensive travels. He has played a pivotal role in assembling the remarkable Afro-Synth Band, a collective featuring emerging talents such as Chisara Agor, Ami Koda, and Alexander Burke (Forest Law). This band has become a cornerstone in Esa's musical narrative, representing the sort of fusion of diverse influences and talents he is instinctively drawn to. He has been an integral force in reigniting the legacies of Kamazu and Steve Monite through his Awhe label, Esa's prowess extends beyond music creation and curation. His musical footprint is also prominent across esteemed labels such as Dekmantel, Rush Hour, and Brownswood. The stories that Esa tells through his music invite listeners on a journey—a visual and auditory feast that encapsulates the essence of Esa's experiences and passions.