Farrah Khataza

Live Act

Diagonal Stage

Operation Khataza is more than a dynamic five-piece band - they’re an experience. Rooted in the rich history of African music tradition but fixated on the future, the freshly cooked band is led by the enigmatic Farrah Khataza, a mystical character brought to life by singer/songwriter, guitarist, and selector Sanele Blaai. Their unique sound emanates with a captivating blend of Afro-futurist nostalgia, drawing influences from genres such as Zamrock, South African jazz, kwaito, soukous, highlife, R&B, blues, and rock & roll. It’s music that aims to transcend our Earthly plane, shooting for the stars and delivering something profound and soul-stirring. Their performances are fueled by this unique perspective and a passion that burns so bright, it radiates a powerful force that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.