Fernando Damon

DJ Set

Diagonal Stage

Fernando Damon, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, is not just a label head, drummer, and musician; he's a creator of musical atmospheres. With an impressive live history sharing stages at both local and international institutions, he brings a unique, dynamic energy to each performance. As a member of sound collective Dead Symbols and the Brixton No Jazz Society, Fernando's music has a distinctive heady blend that transcends boundaries, gaining the admiration of fellow musicians and creators in the industry. His extensive discography, including EPs, mixtapes, LPs, and remixes, reflects his commitment to exploring the limitless possibilities of sound. Percussion is a pretty operative term when thinking about Fernando’s music, expanding far and wide into the realms of dance music, as you’ll hear from his record bag of broken beat, jazz, funk and disco. No stranger to Search Festival, he performed with us at Utopia in 2019 and we’re absolutely glowing at the thought of having him back this year!