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Born and based in Cape Town, South Africa, Gonubie is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in fine art, landscape architecture and urban design.Her work explores subjective understanding of space through multi-media work and installations that explore the intersections between sight and sound. Work on the album began as a break from her work under the moniker ‘raresoftware’, a role that sees her DJ at some of South Africa’s most renowned underground parties, radio shows and festivals. Whilst her work behind the decks leans towards underground dance music, Gonubie developed a love of ambient music in private and began creating music under her new alias. Taking her name from a river and area in South Africa’s Eastern Cape where her mother was raised, Gonubie’s focus is the process in which the individual components of a song form an experience and translate to feeling. For Gonubie it is the human mechanism that allows for a listener's immersion into a world crafted by sound. A classically trained musician and flautist, her debut album, Signals at Both Ears, recently released on Small Measures (the sub-label of UK-based Metron Records), acts as a personal sonic exploration of the notion of space and ideas surrounding the making of home. Gonubie continues to share music spanning the genres of ambient, fourth-world and experimental electronic, opening the opportunity for immersion into softer sounds through delicately crafted sets.