DJ Set

Vertical Stage

Deeply inspired by and constantly drawing from the wellspring of life itself, Cape Town’s JNN KPN has been a steady fixture in the South African electronic scene for over a decade. Performing at renowned clubs such as Berlin’s Katerblau, festivals such as CTEMF and Rocking The Daisies, and events like MCQP and The Death Of Glitter, she and her impeccable headpieces have left an indelible mark on local and international audiences alike. Her performances transcend playing music; they're hypnotic and expertly curated voyages into sound and movement, leaving you spellbound and rooted to the dancefloor. As a longtime participant in Search Festival and with a recent foray into music production, JNN KPN's continuous evolution belies her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of her own creativity. Her genre-bending sets seamlessly traverse a diverse range of styles, delivering electrifying mixes of eclectic and familiar bangers. Last year, she played Kylie and the gays lost their shit.