DJ Set

Vertical Stage

Phijos, the alias of one Philippus Johan, is one of Cape Town’s brightest and cuntiest cultural connectors. As a DJ, his sets are a genre-defying freefall through italo, techno, R&B, house, bass and beyond. The result is an energetic and audacious musical cocktail that’s not so much about the ingredients but rather the garnish: a sleazy and euphoric wedge of lip-smacking queerness designed to make you boogie and question your sexuality. When he's not behind decks, Phijos is behind the scenes, sparking creative projects that have become cornerstones of his city’s underground. He’s the comms brain behind Search Festival, the hands that shaped The Other Radio's airwaves, and the co-conspirator of moments that define Cape Town's nightlife, including The Death of Glitter and SWIM. He's charmed the crowd at everything from basement raves to major festivals, and his passion for the decks is matched only by his commitment to creating spaces where music and identity collide in the most beautiful ways. He’s more than a DJ – he’s a Leo.