Pierre-Estienne b2b
Warren Bokwe

DJ Set

Diagonal Stage

Imagine for a moment - you’re at the edge of glory, making your way into the afterlife, reality melting into a single ray of light. At the apex of this prism are these two daddies of the dancefloor, spinning beats and grooves so good, you know you’ve made it to heaven. While we do not condone actually dying on the dancefloor, we expect the magic that esteemed DJs Pierre Estienne and Warren Bokwe conjure from wax to feel like an out of body experience - a spiritual reset that will switch your soul to light mode and make you see, well - the light! Having met in Cape Town around 2009, the duo has since forged a longstanding union built on a mutual quest for rare groove. Paying homage to the great pioneers Larry Heard and Larry Levan with a look to the future, expert selections will reign supreme in their extended set.