DJ Set

Diagonal Stage

Shoemaker's deep-rooted passion for music ignited during his travels across the globe in his mid-20s. Since settling in Cape Town in 2011, his unwavering devotion to groove-based music has propelled him on an exhilarating journey of collecting and playing records. With a multitude of residencies in the city year-round, Shoemaker's insatiable quest for fresh sounds continues to drive him to explore new musical territories. His sets effortlessly blend sounds from all corners of the world from disco to house, zouk to dub, Cumbia to African rhythms and more - Unbound by a single genre or sound, Shoemaker aim is to surprise and captivate listeners with irresistible rhythms they may not have heard before.

Shoemaker has played at Defected Records Glitterbox, Pangea, Bazique, Wolfkop, MCQP, Sexy Groovy Love, Kinky Summer, Rocking the Daisies, and Retreat Yourself among other festivals and is a regular DJ in the city bowl where you can catch him playing at various venues around town or co-hosting one of many different events he runs.