Stages + Programme

Discover our music programme and three unique stages at Search: Vertical, Diagonal, and Horizontal, each crafted with distinct ideas in mind. Vertical pulses with global club beats from rave to kuduro. At Diagonal, boogie into a fusion of funk, disco, and jazz. And in the forest, Horizontal offers a prickly mix of ambient and downtempo sounds. Fun fact: our stages reflect the Search logo's elements, symbolizing scaffolding. See you in outer space!


Multicolour, theatrical, and playful. An eclectic mix of live bands and vinyl sets, featuring funk, disco, soul, jazz, new wave, house, and groovy 70s psychedelia. A vibrant, uplifting experience.


Diverse global club styles and silly business with a mix of house, techno, breaks, jungle, gqom, piano, electro, and garage. Euphoria-inducing late-night vibes into daytime revelry.


An intimate stage with deep secrets and no set times. Soft, downtempo electronica and prickly ambient sounds set in the forest away from the commotion, a tea garden for your mind, your body and your soul.